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IRSPAE «Aviokon project» provides general contracting services for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing facilities as part of the implementation of complex construction projects in the housing, public, commercial and industrial construction market.

Professional level of general contractor’s services provision has brought IRSPAE «Aviokon project» to a new stage of development, which has led to an increase in the number of projects of foreign investors and international companies with a portfolio of orders of over 80% annually.

Focusing on the complexity of services allows our company to effectively manage and coordinate work agreed at each stage of the project implementation:

  • engineering and construction support: organization of the entire complex of construction works in accordance with the approved design documentation and execution of works, both on its own and with the involvement of qualified subcontractors;
  • monolithic construction;
  • organizing of tenders and conclusion of contracts with subcontractors;
  • getting all the necessary approvals and building permits;
  • creation and optimizing of a construction site’ finance plan;
  • development and control of the general schedule of the construction of the object, the plan of works execution, technological maps of production processes;
  • administering the project at all stages of its implementation, monitoring and technical supervision of works execution and process organization, monitoring compliance with contractual obligations;
  • full provision of material and technical resources;
  • ensuring compliance with labour safety at the site, compliance with ISO 9001 quality management system and OHSAS 18001:2010 work safety requirements;
  • organization of the system of rapid response to the impact of unpredictable factors and readiness to find compromise solutions in the process of project implementation;
  • involving independent experts and consultants;
  • execution of the executive documentation and the commissioning of the object;
  • transfer of the constructed object to the Customer according to the established order;

The result of the cooperation with IRSPAE «Aviokon project» is the uninterrupted construction work and significant cost savings. The presence of own production base and construction equipment allows us to execute the bulk of works by ourselves, which simplifies coordination and control, and ultimately improves the quality and reduces construction time.

A skilled staff and high-tech park of specialized construction equipment allow the company to execute on its own construction works of any level of complexity with guaranteed quality.

IRSPAE «Aviokon project» executes the following general construction work:

  • installation of enclosures;
  • excavation work/pits and trenches at any difficulty level;
  • concrete, monolithic work, monolithic construction;
  • reinforced concrete and metal frame construction;

IRSPAE «Aviokon project» also cooperates with leading construction organizations that execute specialized types of work that can be involved as subcontractors in case of need.